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Title: How To Make Money From Car Tracking Business
Author: Contactall Technologies Intl
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Recent times have brought a steady parade of fear emanating from the bad news reaching us constantly from the media. And the ugly truth ...
Recent times have brought a steady parade of fear emanating from the bad news reaching us constantly from the media.
And the ugly truth is every problem comes with a massive opportunity IF you are willing to see and talk solution instead of focusing on the problem.
There are always two (2) set of people whenever there is an arising problem. Be it insecurity outbreak or any other negative situation like the ebola health challenge.
  • The first set are ones who spend all their time talking about the problem
  • The second set are the ones who see beyond the problem and focus on providing solution.
Today, I want show how you can align yourself with the second group of people and make huge money offering car security services.
What is Car Tracking?
Car tracking enables you to pinpoint the exact, current location of your vehicles and staff at any given time using your mobile phone or pc, It enables you to have a total control of your vehicle and driver from the comfort of your home/office.
Some Benefits Of Car Tracking
==> Track your car anytime, anywhere around the globe without limitation or network breach using our triple network vehicle tacker that uses GMS, GPRS, and GPS network.
==> Reduce cost associated with fuel comsuption, vehicle wear and tear and excessive idle time by Drivers
==> Locate or pinpoint the exact location where your vehicle is, using your mobile phone or our web based server via your Ipads, tablet pc and computers in real time.
==> Manage driver’s attitude such as recklessness or tardiness so as to reduce road accidents on the road or high way. Research shows that when drivers know they are being monitored they behave themselves to avoid any penalty.
==> No need to be scared any more when your vehicle is stolen because you can now locate and demobilize you lost or stolen vehicle via your mobile phone, Ipad, tablet pc and computer anywhere around the world.
==> Get an alert each time your driver go beyond the speed limit that has been programmed or moved out of the designated area.
==> You can know where your car has been dating back to last six months at your fingertips
Who Need The Car Tracking Service
> Individual car owners,
Companies with fleet of car,
Government offices,
…and lots more!
How To Make Money From Car Tracking Business 
I know this is the main aspect you’ve been eagerly waiting for. With this list of prospective clients above I guess you’ve seen the business potential for yourself. Indeed it’s huge! Imagine securing a car tracking deal of at least 1% of cars in your area…
Here is the right way to get started
==> Sign up as a re-seller or distributor to any verified car tracking company.
==> Prepare and submit proposals to your prospective clients.
==> Promote your business via online ads, flyers, radio jingles etc.
The major challenge for most people trying to start this business is identifying the right company with the preferred reseller/distributor plan. I will help you by-pass that today by introducing you to an Industry Leader in this car tracking business.
It’s no other company than CarTrackingGiant . I have personally recommended several smart entrepreneurs to them and today they have been accurately positioned for success in this business. You can start with them right away by visiting their website @ or call them on 08064153866.
Sign up as a reseller under Promote your business effectively through the listed methods above. You buy the device from your provider in bulk and a technician will be introduced to you or you can learn how to do it yourself.
If you are buying the tracker device at N30,000 from your providers then you can charge N50,000 and above to offer this service to your clients. You may decide to focus on the marketing aspect of this business and get a technician to be doing installation for you. While you pay him N5,000 per installation. The figures used here are only assumptions for you to plan your business rightly.
Every day, I’m grateful for a chance to share an idea, strategy or challenge with you. I appreciate the attention and your trust, it would be impossible to do this without you.
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