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Title: SMS Shortcode Money and Shared Shortcode Setup Nigeria
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Shortcode Setup as brought to you one of the biggest offer that has been hidden for so long, that you hardly find online available or ta...
Shortcode Setup as brought to you one of the biggest offer that has been hidden for so long, that you hardly find online available or tap easily from any source, many people have spent so much money to get into this opportunity and end up making millions of Naira from it annually. We have finally decided to let the cat out of the bag by opening this scarce and rare money making opportunity to Job seekers, Unemployed, Employee and anybody who want to either start generating additional income , or make more money..

What is SMS Shortcode and How Can it Turn Your Business and Finances Around

SMS short code is a 5 or 6 digit number, just like a phone number, but shorter and easier to remember. SMS short codes are used to receive and send out text messages to consumers and are issued by the short code provider. Short codes are leased on a yearly basis by companies or SMS service providers.
Many companies use SMS short codes to run their mobile marketing campaigns because they allow consumers to text back to any messages received. This facilitates customer interaction and two way communication, which builds relationships, customer loyalty and generates many opportunities for targeted mobile marketing.

Shared Shortcode

Shared Shortcode Shared Shortcode Offers a Fair Pricing and Average Functionality, It is Ideal If you’re just starting out with SMS marketing, a shared short code is the most cost effective…

Dedicated Shortcode

Dedicated Shortcode A dedicated short code functions exactly the same as a shared short code except that it is assigned to you and only you. A dedicated short code gives you…

Toll Free Shortcode

Toll-Free SMS which allows you to receive SMS from your customers and prospects without letting them incur any cost…As 90% of Nigerian mobile users are pre-paid customers and out of…

Three Ways To Earn From SMS Shortcode


You earn when people text back to your short code. (This is the first way to earn)


You earn by offering the respondents an extra offer which they then pay you extra money for. (I routinely ask them to pay some =N=3,000 to =N=10,000 extra depending on the audience)


You earn by renting out the phone numbers of respondents of your short codes to other companies and marketers!


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